i’m into really low commitment hangouts like lying on the floor near each other or falling asleep together or falling into an endless void together

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take one for the team and just fuck me really hard 

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"And then your name stopped having any meaning." — 12:45pm (via comehere-letmeholdyou)

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Truthful Anon Feelings: 

Go on ANON and tell me what you think of me. I do not want to know who it is, at all. Don’t tell me who it is, don’t give me hints, don’t say your screen name. Tell me exactly what you think of me. Don’t sugarcoat things. Don’t lie. If you hate me, tell me why. Tell me what I’m doing wrong. If you like me, tell me why. Tell me exactly what you think of me.

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Telling me I’m not allowed to be sad because there are other people out there who have it worse is like telling me I can’t be happy because other people have it better

" —

No idea but if you know, let me know

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"Maybe a relationship is just two idiots who don’t know a damn thing except the fact that they’re willing to figure it out together." — (via chaoticola)

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Mt. San Jacinto sunrise, 2013;

Meilani Macdonald

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Doris Durand


Doris Durand

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Anonymous asked:
What do you want?



Ha, what do I want. That’s the first time i’ve been asked that question by anyone in months. You wanna know what i want? I want a text saying “hey, i’m coming over tonight and we’re gonna have a great night” from anyone, literally anyone. I want a hug, i literally don’t remember the last time i’ve gotten a hug. Not one of those friend hugs you give when you see a friend. I mean a hug that you feel embraced and you’re in someones arms and you can feel someone actually giving a shit about you. I want that kind of hug. I want to be driving around at 2am showing someone my favorite places, holding their hand. I want to take someone to my favorite river and cliff diving spots here in Lancaster and have the best day of my life, crack a few beers, take some cool pictures, get kissed. I want a fucking mother fucking goddamn kiss. I want to be kissed. I want to feel what its like getting kissed again for the first time. Probably so many butterflies. I want a text at 3am saying, i really care about you and i’d do anything to show you how much i care, what can i do? And then have them in my driveway shortly after. I want to feel wanted again, i dont think i’ve felt wanted in almost 9 months. Maybe more. I want to be taken out on a date. A proper, dress nice, someone opens the car door for me, date. I’ve never been on a proper date. I want someone who i miss so much when im not around them, or someone i want to see so badly that i drive to them in the middle of the night just to kiss them. We all know i’ve done it before… i’m infamous for driving 3 hours to see someone for 5 minutes. I want that.

I want to feel wanted and loved and cared about and i’m a needy piece of shit but what can i say. That’s what i want.

fucking this

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